Simple Freedom Club Training 05-06-2019

Simple Freedom Club Training 05-06-2019

Simple Freedom Club Training:

“A SIMPLER WAY: Make money online. Share the club. Keep it simple.”

Join The Club!

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How To Do Simple Live Streams

How To Do Simple Live Streams

Wednesday 10-4-2017 Live Power Lead System Overview & Training Hangout.

10pm Est: Learn how to do Simple Live Streams for your Online Business. Opt-in Here!


The Power Lead System is a Complete marketing tool set with:

  • Unlimited Marketing Funnels on your own domain (Done for you or complete customization)
  • Email Broadcasting and Autoresponders (Top notch deliverablity)
  • Unlimited Power Blogs (Incredible resource on your own domain)
  • Contact Management Tools.
  • Promotional Tools (Get your business out there)
  • Direct Pay Commissions (Straight to your Bank Account of Visa Pay Card)

And a high Level of training to help you accelerate your move to profits from the internet
and your brick and mortar by creating new leads and maintaining leads you already have.


Power Lead System hangouts/webinars, Information and Signup pages:

Power Lead System – Advanced Marketing Training Thursday Night Hangout.

Power Lead System – System Overview Wednesday Night Hangout.

Power Lead System – Simple Freedom $500 Daily Funnel.

Power Lead System – Direct Signup page for a 7 Day Free Trial.

Lead Lightning – $7 Marketing System Funnel.

Free Lead System – FREE Marketing System Funnel.


God Bless,

Gary Elenburg

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Money as a System-of-Control

Money as a System-of-Control

What happens when they can no longer use money as a system of control?

We know that money serves as:

– A Store of Value (SoV)

– A Medium of Exchange (MoE) and

– A Unit of Account (UoA)

But what happens when a fourth use of money is introduced, one which subordinates all the other characteristics: money as a system of control.

This talk took place at the Advanced Digital Innovation Summit on September 12th 2017 in Vancouver, Canada:


Here’s a very interesting excerpt from Andreas’ talk…

“But what happens when exit is not a physical act, but a virtual act?


What happens when people decide to exit from the financial system in a virtual way?


“Vrexit” “Bitexit”… You can keep the inside of the guilded cage it is demographically stagnated, it’s over leveraged, it’s swimming in debt, it’s out of control, and it serves a tiny sliver of the population.




An entire generation of Millennials no longer believe in that fiction of “Bank Security”, of “future possibility”, of differed earnings, of interest rates, of Mortgages…





In droves…


Not just here, even more so in the countries where the existing system of infinite finance, of the system of control is used despotically, is used oppressively.


China is exiting in droves, and it’s barely started, Bitcoin’s been around for nine years.


And so what does the insider group do?


What do the regulators do in response to a system that cannot be regulated?


They regulate the bits they can, they regulate the exchanges, they regulate the bank accounts, they regulate the national currency side of things, they shut down the on-ramps and off-ramps, they say “we will not let you take your money with you” and what do millennials say to that?




All I have is my creative potential, my spirit, my productivity, and I can sell that directly to Bitcoin without an exchange, without an on-ramp, without an off-ramp, and when I need to buy something I’ll use my Digital Currency directly, without re-entering your system to which I was never invited.


Shut down the on-ramps, shut down the off-ramps, and I will stay on-board, I will stay digital, I won’t touch your guilded cage anymore because I don’t need you.




Start Creating Your Exit Ramp, Click Here Now!


God Bless,

Gary Elenburg

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$500 Daily Simple Freedom System

$500 Daily Simple Freedom System

Simple Step-By-Step $500 Daily System (Proof Inside)

Click Here To Watch The Daily Marketing Blueprint Training Video (Take Notes)


One thing we promise members of Simple Freedom Team…

We will ALWAYS keep the process of creating income online amazingly simple.

  • NO Hoops To Jump Through
  • NO Complicated Training or Strategies
  • NO GURU Endless Course Recommendations
  • Just An Easy Duplicating System That Works If YOU Work It!

Click Here To Access The Live PLS Training Hangouts


Be sure to watch the entire video above then Click Here to get started.


See you on the inside 🙂

God Bless,

Gary Elenburg

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Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Toolbox

Viral Simplicity Toolbox: The Tools You Need to Build Leveraged Income Online

Here are the tools I use to help my business grow.

You don’t need all of them, but using a few of these can make your marketing life a heckuva lot more simple and fun. A few of these tools will bring in some nice cash for you too. Enjoy them.



Everything you need. Every single tool you need
to market online UNDER ONE UMBRELLA.
Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Email Autoresponders,
Unlimited Blogs Included, Traffic Generation Training,
Social Media Marketing Training, Done-For-You-Systems,
Affiliates Offer Marketers Everything They Need and Get Paid.
The Most Valuable Internet Marketing Resource You’ll Ever Use.

More profitable tools to grow your business…

The World’s Most Affordable Marketing System
No excuse. Everyone on the Planet Now
Has Access to a Complete Marketing System

Click Here To Access To The $7 Club System


Viral Simple Freedom System
Unlimited Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages
Full Marketing Funnels and Email Autoresponder
And a Badass Compensation Plan for Cash Flow

Click Here To Access Viral Simple Freedom


Get started today with my free lead system.
You get professional lead capture page, sales video page
(sells your primary program too) and you also get a
complete back office with internet marketing training.

Click Here To Access The FREE Lead System Forever

To Your Continual Growth Online,

Gary Elenburg

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